Everything is design. Everything!

-Paul Rand

Promotional Badges

lawler creative
Project 01

Promotional Badges

These 1" buttons contain my personal logo and a promotional design. Designed to be a small gift of apreciation to my clients.

  • Client: Self
  • Role: Art Direction, Illustration, Design
  • Year: 2012-2013

Logo Design

Rejesha International Ministries
Project 02

Rejesha Ministries International Logo

This project came together fairly simply, the client knew right away that they wanted a bold type logo along with the idea of water. The challenge became how does one fit the two together. We initially placed the water droplet in place of the A but to many people read it as Rejesh. The decision was made than to place the droplet after the A and distress the type in illustrator.

  • Client: Rejesha Ministries International
  • Role: Art Direction, Design
  • Year: 2012


Elam United Methodist Church
Project 03

WTF Postcard

The idea for this postcard was to be bold and catch the recipients attention specifically church members in the post highschool/college demographic. How often would you expect a mailer from a church with WTF in large bold type.

  • Client: Elam United Methodist Church
  • Role: Art Direction, Layout
  • Year: 2011-2012

Web Design

Project 04


This is my own personal site, this is a sample of the last design before the current model.

  • Client: Self
  • Role: Art Direction, Photography, Design, Coding
  • Year: 2009 - 2013

Logo Design

Purple Door Radio
Project 05

Purple Door Radio Logo

This logo was created for a radio program highlighting the music and artist that were playing the Purple Doore Arts and Music Festival. The illustration of the bird and plants was meant to be interchangable, the type treatment could be used with or without this. The station id and times could also be exchanged.

  • Client: WJTL & Purple Door Radio
  • Role: Art Direction, Design, Illustration
  • Year: 2006

Hip Illustration

self made
hip illustration

Hip Illustration

This piece was illustrated for the anniversary of the surgery on my hips. Acrylic, spray paint, ink, and charcoal were used to create this.

  • Client: Self
  • Role: Artist, Illustrator
  • Year: 2012

About the artist:

John Lawler is a graphic artist from the south eastern area of Pennsylvania. A 2003 graduate of The Delaware College of Art & Design, John believes in using design to help fix the world when able. Knowing full well design probably won't single handedly save the world it is key to the spread of information and ideas. Be it in print or on the web.

Questions with the artist:

How did you get into design?

As a kid I was always drawing, I didnt really know what design was at the time but yeah that's where my life was going. I remember drawing comics and logos in the margins of my notebooks as any kid does, luckily I had an art teacher who pointed me in the direction of graphic design.

What would you be doing if not an artist?

If I wasn't an artist I'm not sure exactly what I would be, most likely I would be doing something with music or art. I had a chance at one point to tour with a band handeling photography and merchandise for them. I don't really know if it would be a way to make a living but it was fun.

Favorite design program?

It's a toss up either Illustrator or Indesign, every program has it's limits and advantages but I tend to use these two the most. Indesign is great for layouts, illustrator is tops for working in vectors and that really interests me in seeing just how clean the lines, and complex the patterns can get.

Anything you want to say?

I would like to thank anyone who is checking out my work, I hope you like it and that we can work together sometime. Remember to design, create & love. Be well.

Clients past & present:

Angel Babies • Invisible Children • Tukula • Elam United Methodist Church • The Garage Community & Youth Center • Rejesha Ministries International • Twelve O One • ¡El Toro! • Purple Door Radio • The Kennett Paper •